Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here is my yearbook story #1! Any advice appreciated.

(Should this not be in 1st person narrative?)

Computer class, taught by Mrs. Moorhead and Graham (correct if wish to be addressed differently), is a great combination of science, math, art, and literature(?). We get to post our very own news stories, research, or events. I always find myself learning something new every Friday. For example, a few months ago, we researched the success of the Little Free Library. The next week, Mrs. Moorhead surprised us with the opportunity to build our very own! (Insert picture)

I am able write posts on a variety of topics everywhere from sailing to photography to animals, and have discovered many new interests. You can visit the Hillwood Herald, our school blog, and find every post unique yet fascinating, and find posts on anything and everything. 

Each Friday, everyone competes in typing games for the best WPM or testing out new game demos. There is always an online contest we are encouraged to participate in, such as designing the next Google homepage or showing how we are taught through video.

Computer class is always anticipated since each session is a pleasant surprise. One week, we may create stop-motion animation films and the next we may research science. One of my personal favorites was when Graham filmed a documentary on Hillwood and students had the opportunity to operate equipment, get interviewed, and help edit. (Better closing sentence?)

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