Friday, May 16, 2014


                          Ms.Caine loves working with students and passing on her knowledge.

Ms.Caine is the afternoon teacher. The afternoon program is from 3-6. She works with the 2nd-4th fourth graders at study hall. At study hall the students read or do work. Ms Caine try's to help in any way she can. She also works with the K-1st with reading and there homework. She likes especially to work with K-1st because she likes learning from there point of view.

Ms.Caine also likes to host clubs and contests. Last year she hosted a Harry potter club. At the Harry potter club we read,and we did hands on activities. She also hosted an art contest a few years ago. This year she hosted a contest were you could submit a dress (for the girls) or a rocket (for the boys). -Finn

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