Friday, May 16, 2014

Art at hillwood

What do kids think of art? "Art is really fascinating and we get to do things we don't really do everything" according to Ben Bryerton, a first grader at Hillwood school. At Hillwood teachers like Anna, and Ms. Lydia Cortina look for awesome and exotic art for the kids to do.  Every time the kids are doing art with these teachers the kids always laugh and have a smile on their faces. Teachers like to see their students having fun and doing art. Kids that do art with these teachers are a few lower graders and the upper graders on friday mornings with Anna.

Why do kids have art? According to Anna Hovhannisyan, "Art is a beautiful thing, we all need it" referring to the kids. Examples of things the upper graders learn is art and history combined. at first the upper graders were learning about Ancient Greek Culture, Medival times, and the Renaissance. For Ancient Greek we had to draw and make pots with symbols and drawings on them.  for the Medival times we had to make a drawing about a fictional character charecter and then we had to make a book with drawings and sacred utensils. to be continued............

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