Friday, September 13, 2013

Free the children at work

Free the children is an organization that helps kids locally and internationally. How Free the children started, is through the work of Marc Keilburger and Craig Keilburger.

When they were 12-years-old they were going to read a comic in the newspaper. Before they even got to the comic page they read an article about this boy named Iqbal. Iqbal was 4-years-old when he was sent to a Pakistani carpet factory. Iqbal worked every day 12 hours 6 days a week, trying to tie small knots that made the expensive carpets. The owner of the factory kept on putting fines on Iqbal's parents. If Iqbal did something wrong he would get beaten up with sticks or metal tools. With the help of a human writes organization, let Iqbal and other children run to there homes and families. Later Iqbal went to speak against child labor. The more and more Iqbal spoke about what the carpet factory did to him and other children the numbers of selling carpets dropped and dropped. Finally Iqbal ran to his home and saw his mom cooking dinner. His cousins walked through the door and said Iqbal do you want to see your uncle and Iqbal said yes. So there riding on the bike to Iqbal's uncle one car rolled down the window and BOOM! Iqbal was shot. Iqbal's story went world wide but soon was forgotten. So Craig Keilburger told his class about this, and 12-year-olds joined Craig. This is how Free The Children began.

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