Friday, May 17, 2013

Yearbook Wrap Up — We're Down to the Wire

  • Anya: Keep editing — all text (stories and headlines) should be finalized today. Work with Rubina on headline length.
  • Rubina: Continue laying out the book. We need to have all 54 pages laid out roughly in the book. Work with Angela to incorporate the class photos. 
  • Angela, Asiana: Work on incorporating the text onto the class photo pages. We need to proof all names for a second time. 
  • Kennedy: We need a flier to sell the books. Please include the following: 
    • It's time to buy the annual Hillwood Academic Yearbook, written and produced by the upper graders!
    • It's a 54-page hardcover book with full-colored photos, including class photos.
    • Cost: $30
    • Make checks out to Graham Clarke.
    • Payment is due FRIDAY.
    • However, the book an be bought throughout the year online at Blurb:com:
    • Include an order form:
      • Student name:
      • Number of books:
  • Claire, Oliver: Work on a story of your choice for the yearbook. Oliver, finish your yearbook stories if need be.

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