Friday, May 10, 2013

K-1's Day

To start their exciting day, the K-1 do math in the morning.  After math, they go to recess.  During their recess they like to play tag, sharks and minnows, capture the flag, star wars, jump rope, and waterfall. Some times the K-1 go to the park with the older kids or they go with just their class.

Mrs. Carvajal, their teacher, gives them assignments. Sometimes they have partners and they are assigned to do a project with their partner. They also work in groups to work on assignments and projects.

Their favorite assignments are math, reading, spelling, spelling tests, writing, and science. In science they are learning about spiders, as well as other bugs and insects.

The classroom is used for many after school activities. For example, guitar and piano classes are taught after school in her class. 

There are ten kids in Mrs. Carvajal's class. There are two kindergarteners and eight 1st graders.     

The K-1 love their teacher Mrs. Carvajal. They think that she is funny and smart. 



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