Friday, May 17, 2013

Hands on Science is Guaranteed at Hillwood School

Hands-on science is guaranteed at Hillwood School, I mean when was the last time you dissected a sheep brain? The 5th through 8th science teacher is Erica Warp. She currently works at Celsius and Beyond, a facility whose "goal is to teach children the core basic knowledge of science that is relevant to their lives. In the process, kids learn to think objectively, distinguish between proven facts and theory, question common beliefs and` leverage the relationships between imagination and science. Moreover, our programs help children discover the beauty of science which inspires and motivates them to further their learning of science." Erica mainly teaches us about nero science which is the science of the brain, she is also combining the nero science with art which is why we always make art project every week that are related to science. We hope to have her next year.

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