Friday, May 3, 2013

K-4th Events

     The kindergarten through fourth grade field trips include visiting the pumpkin patch and Field Day. The pumpkin patch is always a fun day for the Lower Graders; they even get to choose their own pumpkin, as long as they an carry it, to bring home. The maze and the playground were fun for them, though they did not get a chance to go into the bounce house, for it was put out just as they were leaving. They didn't have a field trip on Halloween, but they did get to dress up, walk around the block, and even collect a few pieces of candy from Mr. Ray Dolby's house.
     The 2nd-8th graders got to see a history play, We The People, on April 30th. They walked to the theater and watched as three actors sang and acted out the history of America. That same week, the entire school walked from the school to Crissy field and back. On May 20th, they went to the zoo.
    Hopefully, the students got a chance to see the baby tiger born on February 10th. Maybe some of Giants fans got to see the black-and-orange baby monkey. There is also a baby koala named Joey.

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