Friday, May 3, 2013

2-4th graders

  The 2-4th graders are always ready to play. Their teacher is  Kathy Tom (before teaching 2-4th grades, she taught K-1 at Hillwood).  Ms. Tom has been teaching at Hillwood for a long time, 11 years.  This year, there are 19 students in Ms. Tom's class.  In the morning they start with math. After K-1 goes outside,  2-4  have half an hour of recess.  After their recess, they read.  Sometimes, while one grade is reading, the other grades do another subject.  When it is 11:30, they have lunch, just like 5-8th graders.  After lunch, they go outside for their second recess of the day.  When they come inside, Ms. Tom reads them a book.  Each year they get through about two or three books.
  Ms.Tom is a very dedicated working teacher considering she teaches the most students in the school and has been working here for so long. "I've been with Ms.Tom for 4 years." says Asiana D. "She has been a very inspiring person to me. I hope she continues to work at Hillwood."

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