Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Events of the Year

These years have been important ones.  Many different events have happened. Not all of the events have been happy though.  Some of these tragic events were the Newtown School shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.  Though these sad events did make the years sadder, they did not make these years the saddest.

Plenty of happy events happened too, like the Presidential Election, a successful space shuttle landing, and a river otter returned to San Francisco after 50 years of being away.  President Obama was sworn back into office after running against Mitt Romney.  The Space Shuttle, Endeavour, flew over San Francisco on its trip to Los Angeles;  this was the last time Endeavour touched the sky.  Sutro Sam, a river otter, moved into Sutro Baths around December 2012. River otters haven't been spotted in San Francisco in over 50 years! Many more events happen

Though not the happiest events in America,  they have still been important ones.  Let's just hope the following years are better.

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