Friday, May 17, 2013

Having Fun At The Cabin

Hillwood also has a cabin in Muir Woods. In the beginning of the year, we have a picnic at the cabin in Muir Woods. Mr.Grantz cooks barbequed hot dogs for the kids. We have two piƱatas and we collect candy. Later in May, we have a cabin sleepover one day for the girls and the other day for the boys. We leave school at 11:30 and arrive at the cabin soon afterward. We do lots of fun thing like catch salamanders and make scary movies.
 In the morning Mrs.Grantz makes hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls then we have breakfast and our parents pick us up at 10:00. Sometimes when we play volleyball, Max the dog comes running and grabs the volleyball, and pops it. Nature in Muir Woods is very beautiful Like the Red Wood Sorrel. Red Wood Sorrels are a type of clover. They only grow around Red Woods; that is how you know that they are safe to eat. They tasted like a green apple, and when you went to the core it was very sour.       

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