Friday, May 3, 2013

The Hillwood Herald, for School and World News Year-round!

Every Friday, the upper graders write and produce The Hillwood Herald, a blog that highlights stories about important news that is currently happening. As part of our news reporting, we also make different videos about the subjects we are covering. Throughout the year, we cover such big stories as our trip to Washington D.C. Not only will the trip be a blog post, but it will also be a digital iBook for the iPad. Mrs. Laura Moorhead, the mom of Astrid and Oliver, comes every Friday by choice and helps us. Mrs. Moorhead and her husband, Graham Clarke, are well educated in the field of technology. It is very kind how Mrs. Moorhead comes by choice to help us.

"I think the blog has really taught me how to deal with deadlines," says Anya J., an 8th grader at Hillwood. I really hope Mrs. Moorhead will continue to come for the next years. The Hillwood upper graders have lots of fun working with her!

Parents from Hillwood and people throughout the world read our posts. In fact, since the blog launched four years ago, we have had a total of 57,453 pageviews. In April 2013, we had 1,903 pageviews, and our most popular story of all time is Claire P.'s "A Skunk's Life." It's really amazing how people from all around the world read our posts. We have had visitors from India, Russia, and throughout Europe. We all hope they will continue on to read our posts!