Friday, April 12, 2013

Working in different Workshops in D.C!

In Washington D.C we had something called workshops in D.C. After our long day exploring all the monuments in D.C, we returned back to the hotel and had workshops. Workshop was basically a small class where we discussed what we did during the day. We talked about rights in the government and we answered many questions. We did lots in workshop. Every time we would arrive in our destination we would meet up in our workshops and venture off. The Hillwood students scattered up in different workshops a few students were in the same workshops. Many students from Hillwood weren't big fans of the Workshops because after the whole entire day everyone was tired and just wanted to go back to their rooms. Workshop was a fun experience for me but it was still very tiring at times. The Hillwood students would be willing to have workshops again if there were more debates for rights.
Photo Credit: Close Up, Columbus Middle School.

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