Friday, April 12, 2013

World War II Memorial

     The first place we went to in Washington D.C., besides the hotel, was the World War II Memorial. The World War II Memorial is between two of the important and well-known structures in D.C., the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It was built in remembrance of all the places that fought during the war. The Memorial has two arches, opposite each other, Pacific that's written on the left arch and Atlantic that's written on the right, if your looking towards Lincoln Memorial. In a circle all the 50 states were connected by a bronze rope.
     When we went there, half of the memorial was under construction, so the Rainbow pool wasn't working. The program gave us these small books which we had to do many things in them like answer questions or fill in the blanks, and more. We used  those books to answer questions on some of the engravings in the all that have different pictures of acts during the war. We talked about some of the facts of World War II and it wasn't long until we moved on to our next destination.

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