Friday, April 12, 2013

A rare phenomenon of the changing oceans

    Snakes with two heads have been head of, as well as two headed turtles, cats, and even children all have the displeasure of a too close for comfort sibling, but only a half dozen cases have claimed a two headed shark. All these mutant creatures inherent a physical mutation scientifically called "axial bifurcation"in which the sperm doesn't finish splitting before entering the world. These individuals, should that be the right term, do not commonly survive in the wild, because they have trouble escaping predators and catching prey.

    This sharks popularity all began when a fisherman caught a hammerhead in his net, surprised for there to be two live embryos in his net, one our little star with another star attached. The fisherman handed their catch to scientist to further investigate. It is still undecided wether this odd mutant can teach us about the oceans health, or if hes just a rare phenomenon caught on tape...and in a net.(Picture on right shows the x-ray of the sharks in which the cartilage is seen due to the fact that sharks have bone.)

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