Friday, April 26, 2013

Today's Schedule

Today I am expecting everyone to have written at least one story for the yearbook, with the exception of Rubina, Natasha, and Kennedy.  Here are the stories I want people to finish by today:

The Blue Angels and the Blog: Oliver
Field Day and K-4 Events: Angela
Spanish and Mrs. Marta/ Lunch and the Cabin: Rubina
DC: Asiana
Talent Show: Claire
K-1: Mia
History of Hillwood: Natasha*
5-8: Kennedy*
Max: Mia and Claire*
Science: Oliver and Kennedy*

May 3: Artwork is due and 8th graders edit yearbook
May 6: Final edits are due
May 13: Layout is due
May 20-23: Mr. Clarke photocorrections
May 23: Yearbook is shipped
May 7: Yearbooks are handed out

*If you have time, write these stories.

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