Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Day

     Field Day, on a Friday, was when all of the students of Hillwood Academic Day School went to Alta Plaza Park and played games. Everyone split into groups of three and went to different games. There was a balloon toss, sack races, just races, two-legged race, and tug of friendship. Each group had a card with which game they had to go to first. Once they got through all of the games at least once, they could go to any game. Close to the end of field day, the kindergardeners and the Upper Graders had to play tug of friendship against the second through fourth graders. The second through fourth graders won... But the games didn't end until everyone played Sharks and Minnows.
     After the games, we all got a Jumba juice, the chooses being mango, very berry, or strawberry banana. While we were finishing our Jumba juice, Tracey and Karen passed out flowers to each person for being nice, a good-sport, helpful, etc.
     Not to forget another fun part of the day, we made a harlem shake video. Ariana got to put on a monkey mask and be the first to dance. For a few minutes, she danced alone while everyone else was in the background talking to each other or playing a game. The camera cut and the next video was where everyone was dancing randomly. The idea was Dan Shine's and he put the brilliant video together.

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