Friday, April 26, 2013

Full of Talent

Every year, the day before winter break and the last day of school, there is a talent show.  The first talent show is always themed for Christmas.  It is always fun because we sing Christmas carols and we also have secret santa which also fun but it is not during the talent show.

The day of the Christmas talent show it always starts with Secret Santa and other fun things.  Then  we start the talent show. During the talent show, Kasama, does break dancing with Oliver, Jojo, and Gregory.  Grace does some ballet which is always really cute. I, Claire, play violin for all of the talent shows and some of the students from K-1 sing some songs from famous singers. Many people do thier own talent but there is always Mrs. Schmitt to sing some Christmas songs. The K-1 sing an easy Christmas song, the 2-4 graders sing something different, and 5-8 sing something else.  Everybody sings a Spanish song with Ms. Lidia. The song that the K-1 sing is always  easy and really cute because they always act or dance in it.  The 2-4 graders sing something a little harder than the K-1 but it is also interesting to see what they do. The 5-8 sing something harder then the other students songs but it is always really fun.

Then the second talent show is always the same but we don't sing Christmas songs.  The K-1 sing a song  that they all really enjoy singing. The 2-4 sing something that they really like and same thing for 5-8.  We always sing another Spanish song and we always enjoy that too.

Both of the talent shows are really fun and I think everybody enjoys them!

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