Friday, April 26, 2013

The Incredible Tale of the Upper-Graders

       The upper-graders, or fifth through eighth graders, have been enjoying themselves momentously this year. Not only did they have the luck to receive a magnificent teacher and a new student, they received tons of sweet surprises. From little movie days to a week in Washington D.C, the upper-graders had no time to call in sick. In such a small community, everyone knows everyone, which means no one is ever left out. It doesn't take much to see that everyone has a friend, or maybe eight! This year, the upper-graders summed up to only nine kids. That means that everyone can receive the individualized attention they need. In math, science, history and language arts, we are all well educated thanks to our wonderful teacher and the help of everyone else who gave a hand. From art to music, to the blogging that helps make what you're reading, everyone gets a hands-on experience that's impossible to turn down. No one is improperly judged in the fantastic learning experience that can't come close to words. No one goes home empty handed in this this fantastic aurora of education.
        A normal day consists of beginning with math in which we get the best education we can, followed by a relaxing break where we can enjoy spending time together, then we return to complete our math, then literature, lunch, etc. No matter how the day goes, we always end up with smiles on our faces in the end.

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