Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Trips and Glide!

Field trips at Hillwood are usually really fun. Two years ago the 2-8th grade went to see a play known as the Beauty and Mercy High School is an all girls school, but the boys that were acting in the play came from different schools. After the play was over all the actors and actresses came outside  to hang out with friends and everything.  Last year when Mrs.Woods was still at Hillwood she took us to go and watch Hunger Games in a Japantown theater. the day before the field trip Mrs.Woods wrote a list down on what candied we liked and she went to Target and bought all the candies on the list. We also went to the Kabuki theater and watched a documentary about a girls passion about one elephant that had to be given away. It was a very tragic story. The k-4th grades usually go to the Academy of  Sciences about once a year. What they do is they just walk around and explore and have bagged lunches.Speaking about field trips coincidentally on Monday, the 2-8th grade will be going to see a play called We the People Play.
Another very fun trip that the upper graders took was to volunteer at Glide Memorial to help prepare the lunches. We were the only children there! All the Hillwood students paired up into two and did different jobs. Oliver and I had to put  all the rotten apples into the compost and but all the good apples into bins. There was so many boxes of apples to go through. I was really sad about not getting to pass out lunch to the homeless people but too many people signed up to do that. But it was still fun to prepare the lunch. Even though it was a little over whelming and didn't smell great I would still go back and help again!!

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