Friday, October 5, 2012

See's Candy Fundraiser and Washington D.C Trip!!!

This year 6-8th grade are going to Washington D.C! This going to cost a lot of money so we have this fundraiser for See's candies. So far we raised about $950.00 for our third day. Fifth graders are not going because they are going to Sacramento CA but they are helping us fundraise. We are planning to go next semester in March. For each person it is $2,000. If you would like some chocolate, look for Asiana D. and come to Hillwood Academic Day school. If I am at Hillwood tell our afternoon teacher or anyone who can tell me to come downstairs. Then I will take your order and possibly hand you your chocolate right away if we have any left in stock. If you are Hillwood parent I will be downstairs so as you are picking up your child I will take your order. THANK YOU!!! (prices up above.)

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