Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mickey mouse squid

   Hey its kennedy and I was on nat geo when i stumbled upon some new dark life species. Around 13 species were found as far as I know. One that stands out is the Mickey mouse squid, look at the picture and you'll see why. This squid looks like its gobbled up Mickey mouses head when you look at those ears, but unlike Mickey who lives in Toontown, this sepiolid was found about 3,000 feet under the sea!


   Another intriguing species, especially to a jellyfish lover like me, is a new species of crown jellyfish, and the polychaete worm, not to mention plenty others. but thats more than Im gonna type today, so heres the website to go to if you want to hear about more. click here

                                                                                 hope you enjoyed! bye!

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