Friday, October 5, 2012

Get Your See's Candy

Students of The Hillwood Herald are trying to raise money to go to Washington D.C. The way we are trying to raise money is that we are selling See's Candy's products. We are trying to raise $2000. per person to get to Washington D.C. which includes: hotel, airplane tickets, food, tickets to get to different museums, ect. If any of the people who want to buy some See's Candy, please email us back or send commets on what you want to buy. Here are the list of choices of See's Candy we have.

Truffles: 1 lb. $19.40
Assorted Chocolates: 1 lb. $16.90, 2 lb. $33.80                                                    Nuts & Chews
Milk or Dark Chocolates: Milk: 1 lb. $16.90, Dark: 1 lb. $16.90
Nuts & Chews: 1 lb. $16.90, 2 lb. $33.80
Toffee-ettes: 1 lb. $16.90
Peanut Brittle: 1 lb. 8 oz. $16.50
Assorted Molasses Chips: 8 oz. $8.45
Assorted Peppermints: 8 oz. $8.45
Assorted Gourmet Lollypops: 1 lb. 5 oz. $16.20
Jolly Snowman box: 4 oz. $6.80 (not ready until November)
Mini Holiday Fancy Box: 4 oz. $6.80 (not ready until November)
Gift Certificate: Continental: 1 lb. $16.90

please send us a check or money if you buy something. once you order, your order will come within a week. we will respond to your orders as soon as we can.
Really Important, Please read this: You must right your name, Adress, and Phone Number so we may contact you and give or send your candy to you.

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