Friday, October 5, 2012

See's candy fundraiser sale

    It's easy to see, Sees candy is the best! At Hillwood Academic Day School in San Francisco the fifth, six, seventh, and eighth graders are selling Sees chocolates to help raise money to go to Washington D.C and for fifth grade, Sacramento. Of course it does cost a whole lot to travel that far away, so if you live in the bay area and want to buy some chocolates heres what you can do! You can call or email to this adress, and give us your name last name adress and phone number so we can try to get back to you. Here is what we are selling...

Truffles                     1lb $19.40
Assorted Chocolates 1lb $16.90
Assorted Chocolates 2lb $33.80
Milk Chocolates       1lb $16.90
Dark Chocolates       1lb $16.90
Nuts & Chews          1lb $16.90
Nuts & Chews          2lb $33.80
Toffe-ettes                1lb $16.90
Peanut Brittle           1lb. 8oz $16.50
Molasses Chips        8oz $8.45
Peppermints             8oz $8.45
Lollypops                 1lb.5 oz $16.20
Jolly Snowman Box 4oz. $6.80
Mini Holiday Fancy Box 4oz. $6.80
Gift Certifcate          1lb. $16.90

Buy Now! Inventory going fast!

P.S SUGAR HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Kennedy S. & Mia L.

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