Friday, April 20, 2012

Max the Puppy

This year at Hillwood, the Grantzs' got a new puppy named Max. Max is a black Labrador retriever. Max was adopted when he was six-weeks-old, and he was adopted after Zach, our school's last dog, passed away. During the school day, Max stays at the Grantzs' friends house. Max is very playful, and likes to chew on things. In the spring, Max was 8-months-old. Mr. Grantz got Max from a hunter who lived in San Jose.

The dog before Max was named Zach, and he was loved dearly. Zach passed when he was fourteen-years-old. Zach's middle name was Northstar, because he had a diamond on the middle of his chest. Zach grew up living in this school, and Max will grow up in the school.

Max lives in the school with the Grantzs', and, like Max, and hopefully will live here the rest of his life.

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