Friday, April 20, 2012

Mrs. Gayle Schmitt

Gayle Schmitt is the music teacher at Hillwood Academic Day School. Every Wednesday, Gayle Schmitt comes to Hillwood and she goes to every classroom and sings Country Music. 2nd - 4rth grades and 5th - 8th grades have music books. Kindergarten - 1st don't.
Ymca, Hards day night for me, Lollipop Tree, If  I Had A Hammer, Volcano, Help, Puff, The Magic Dragon, I Wanna Hold Your Hand,  were some of the favorites.

Gayle has her own band for children called The Toodala Ramblers. She gives a recital every year and she invites older children from Hillwood to help her perform. We dance and entertain the children in the audience while Gayle and her band, fiddle, two guitars, banjo and bass, play music and sing.

 Gayle Schmitt has a pizza guitar but she stopped bringing it. She also has a regular guitar. Children love her! She is very entertaining! The little children sometimes dance and sing with her.

Written By: Rubina H.

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