Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Writes About Who

Today, eveyone please begin writing your yearbook stories. Your goal is to post at least two stories.

Each upper grader chose a topic that they will write about in the yearbook.

Asiana: Ms. Tom, cabin, overnight in cabin, bake sale, Holiday Talent show

Andre: Mr. G, Mrs. Woods,

Rubina: Mrs. Schmitt, Anna, Mrs. Westmoreland, Miss Ann

Nikita: Academy of Science, Auritte,

Claire: Fridays, Max, Math-a-thon, Mrs. Okomoto Day

Jordyn: Hunger Games, Pennies for patients, Miss Lidia

Anya: Max, in memory of Zack, Good Overview of Life at Hillwood

Angela: Miss Marta, The Quails, The Hunger Games, (Editor).

Christen: Pumpkin Patch, The Hillwood Herald, The Bay Bride, The City

Kennedy: Halloween, A day at Hillwood, walk-a-thon, Highlights of each class

Rubina H.

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