Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Train Your Dog

Do you want to know how to train your dog to do cool tricks? Do you want your dog to be top dog on the street? Read on to know how to train your dog to be awesome.

Sit: to teach a dog to sit you must have patience and treats. First you get a lot of treats. Then, you push you dogs bottom down, but don't push too hard, and while you do this say sit. After your dog is in a sitting position, you give him a treat. After you are comfortable with your dog doing this don't push his bottom down and say sit. Do this while holding the treat above the dog's head. Once your dog masters this trick try a new one. Also, every time your dog does a trick say "good boy" or "good girl."

Lie down: to teach a dog to lie down your dog should know sit. First, you must get plenty of treats. Get your dog to sit down. Then, you must lower a treat to the floor, and your dog will follow. While doing this say "lie down." When your dog is on the floor give him the treat. Do this for days until you think your dog is comfortable doing this trick, then say :lie down" without having your dog follow the treat.

Roll over: to teach your dog roll over your dog should know stay and lie down. For this trick you should have nice treats or meat. First, have your dog lie down. Then have your dog roll onto its side and tell it "stay." Lure your dog with the treat until it is fully on its back, whil doing this say "roll over." Your dog should roll all the way over, and keep trying the trick because it most likely won't roll over the first time.

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