Friday, February 24, 2012

Fluffy Brown Bears

Bears live way up in the mountains of Alaska. Bears like to go deep into the forest. What bears do in there seems to be a secret. If we know what they are doing, then we will be able to help them. Lately many people are going have been going into they're home.

Bears come in all sizes and colors. Brown bears are also known as grizzly bears in different places. Pandas are black and white, polar bears are white and live in the snow. Bears are loaners which means that they don't like company even other kinds of bears. Loverd Byerd is a bear detective and watches them in a pan handle in Alaska.

When detectives want to film what animals are doing, ten they have to put a camera on them. They put it on to find out what the mysterious behaviour. Bears like to eat anything in sight. When they are tired, bears dig up dirt and fall asleep. The big secret is that they are with their family.

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