Friday, February 24, 2012

Gayle Schmitt and the Toodala Ramblers!

I always write about this. It's the Toodala Ramblers performance again. But this time it's not at the Randall Museum. It was at the St. Cyprian's church.

The Toodala Ramblers are :
Gayle Schmitt : Guitar and voice.
Tom Drohan : Stand-up bass
Craig Fletcher : Banjo
Betsy Maudlin : Fiddle

Usually, Hillwood students help out in the shows. This year, many little kids help out. (When I say little kids, I mean fourth-graders. )

Gayle Schmitt, Mrs. Schmitt is what we call her, is the music teacher here at Hillwood. Mrs. Schmitt comes to school on Wednesdays.

At the show, the Ramblers sing and play Bluegrass country songs. This show was like a pre-bluegrass festival for the little kids.

Written By: Rubina H.

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