Friday, February 24, 2012

Cat Whisperer

Have a cat that won't get into its cat carriers? Then Jordana Serebrenik might be able to help, she is a cat whisperer who has a job of getting cats into their carriers. She uses a red nylon net bag and leather gloves covered in cat bites. She might be able to get cats into carriers easier then other people because she doesn't mind as much as the owner to bring the cats to the vet. Some people hardly ever bring their cat into the vet because they cant get the cat into the carrier but Ms. Serebrenik can. You could find some more information about this cat whisperer here.

My own cat gets into the carrier on his own time. I would leave the carrier open and my cat would just just crawl in to sleep. What might help is putting a couple treats into the carrier to attract your cat so it would want to get in.

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  1. My cat won't! But how will i reach this person?