Friday, November 5, 2010

Judy and Adam's visit to Hillwood

Judy and Adam visited Hillwood last week and looked at our projects. They looked at our mars rover made out of cardboard. They saw that we did the paper table challenge and the pop fly challenge. They saw our buzzer and tried to make it work and it did. The whole class did the pop fly challenge and Judy and Adam saw that all of ours worked. I asked them a question about some of the problems we had with making the hidden alarms work. I wanted to know if they used a battery from Radio Shack, and I asked them whether the mars rover was hard to make. 

Adam said they used a double A battery from Radio Shack, and they said the moon rover was hard to make.

Judy and Adam saw that the class made the hidden alarm. They made some of our classmates' projects work and tried it out. We interviewed them and talked about what they do to make the mars rover.

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