Friday, October 8, 2010

Pop Fly Challenge — More PBS Kids DESIGN SQUAD Experiments

DESIGN SQUAD is made up of Judy and Adam who create challenges and see how they work out. They have challenges like the Kick Stick Challenge and the Roving the Moon Challenge.

They show more challenges on the website PBS that are fun, but challenging. Judy and Adam are going to actually take some time out of their day to come to Hillwood, so we can interview them! We're going to be able to show them all the projects we have made with their neat ideas.

Today, Clara and I did something called a "Pop Fly Challenge." We created a device to launch ping-pong balls into the air, using: cups, duct tape, and paint stirrers. When we launched our ping-pong into the air we caught it usually every time.

For our project, we had to make a cage out of a part of one of the cups to keeps the ball in place.
Our project resembles a see-saw because when we hit one end, the ball flies up on the other. We also were able to catch our ball in a cup, much like basketball.

On PBS Kids Go there are plenty of challenges, including the Pop Fly Challenge, which we were doing this week.

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