Friday, October 8, 2010

Design Squad Pop Fly, Another PBS Kids Challenge

Today, Angela and I made a pop flier. The pop fliers materials include:

• Duck Tape
• 1 wooden block/spool
• 3-oz paper cups
• Ping pong ball(s)
• 3-5 paint stirrers

Assemble your Pop Flier and try to fly the ping pong ball so that it flies high enough for one to catch it. Now ask yourself:

Did it fly high enough for you to catch it? Was it worth building it?
Now go find your tallest friend and have them try to catch it!

Step by step, our pop flier was a success. First, we got two paint stirrers and taped them together. Then we taped quarter of a cup to the paint stirrers. From there, we taped two full cups below the quarter cups. We added another cup below the paint stirrers about an inch from the other cups. Then we placed two ping ball balls in the quarter cups and at the end of the paint stirrers, we hit it and our ping ball balls shot off.

We tried to catch them but it's hard because there is two of the ping pong balls. Now you try to catch your ping pong balls.

By Camryn and Angela

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