Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Visit to City Hall

The whole upper-grade class went to City Hall to protest about putting toys in unhealthy Happy Meals from McDonald's. We helped to try and replace the unhealthy choices with healthy choices in Happy Meals, so that kids could be rewarded with toys when they choose healthy things, so that they'll eat healthier.

When we went to City Hall, there were plenty of people who wanted, and did, protest against putting toys in unhealthy meals. I think it helped since we were so cute... We stood in front of City Hall for about three minutes with our signs, getting interviewed. We also got interviewed inside.

I believe by all of us going to City Hall to protest, we really made a point that not only do adults care, but so do kids. From that day to this one I, and probably everybody else, am still wondering when it will pass. We hope that it will so that when parents are in a rush and need a quick meal, it can also be a healthy meal for their kids.

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