Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FROM A GRADUATE: The Start of School

Hey Herald readers! How do you all feel with school coming back in session? Some parents feel like it's torture while others think that it's great!

I started school just last Wednesday — big difference from Hillwood! Hillwood is really small so transferring to Oceana was quite a shock. I haven't been able to make friends yet since most of them came from the same middle schools; but, it is only the second week of school.

My school has a block schedule meaning that everyday has different classes. (See separate post: )

There's so many extracurricular activities: theater production, sports, student council, Pacific Asian Club, and lots more. Hehe. I listed the ones that I'm interested in. I'm currently in the tennis club and I'm running for Freshmen Class Secretary! Hope I win! I'm also going to the theater production meeting tomorrow. I'll start posting some videos and pictures the next time I post. I hope that even though I have moved onto high school, I can still be part of the Hillwood family :)

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  1. Great post, Irene -- and please do keep them coming! I know everyone would love to see some video of your life at high school.

    Thanks so much!

    Ms. Moorhead