Saturday, January 26, 2008

Howtunes: How Kids Can Hack Science

Student Assignment: Zach, Anya

Zach, if you liked MAKER's faire, you will probably like this science guru and his work. Write a visually driven feature story (about 300 words) about he and his work. Remember to include links. Consult the following websites for information:

The following comes from Flavor Pill, a local online magazine:
Billed as “the world’s greatest DIY comic website,” Howtoons combines the talents of a comic-book artist, inventor, and toy designer to present eye-popping instructions for turning everyday objects into cool contraptions.

Science guru Saul Griffith (along with partners Joost Bonsen and Nick and Ingrid Dragotta) makes narrative-driven comic strips that fuse the freewheeling adventure of Inspector Gadget with the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of Mr. Wizard, teaching kids of all ages how to create homemade devices including speed demons, spring-loaded chopsticks, and robofingers.
Here's a video about what Saul is trying to do (he's local). Do not link to this video -- watch it to understand what his is trying to do. It's not completely appropriate for the little kids. You should link to a video from this page, however.

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