Friday, May 14, 2010

Holiday Talent Show

The Holiday Talent Show is always before the three-week holiday brake. Ms. Schimtt is a big part of the talent show. She gives each grade a song to sing. She is a very good singer and helps and is a big part of the talent show. The Spanish teacher Ms. Lydia also helps with the talent show. Sometime we sing or even set up a little play. There is also a lot of food and entertainment. This year the person with the most talent I think was Kasama Tillman and André with break dancing. But, this year Brigette Wang did not perform with her violin. Usually she does it every year but this year she could not because her violin broke.

Many people showed up to the show parents, students, and teachers. The talent show started 1 p.m. The show was a hit, Mr. and Mrs. Grantz's house was full of people. The talent show ends at 3 p.m. After that there was a parent social gathering. Its a pot luck. Mr. Grantz always BBQs the best vegetables, sausage, and some meat from Marina Meat Market owned my Mrs. Grantz's brother. Anyways the talent show was a GREAT HIT and you should go!

This article will be part of Hillwood's yearbook.

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