Friday, May 14, 2010

2nd to 4th Grade

What is it like to be in 2nd to 4th grade here at Hillwood? Well I'll tell you. 2nd to 4th grade are in a combined classroom so when the younger grades need help the older children can help. Ms Tom became the 2nd to 4th grade teacher in 2008. Ms. Tom was my teacher for almost all of the time I've been here. Ms. Tom has been working here for 8 years starting in 2010. She was born in San Francisco.

I was in 2nd to 4th grade from 2007-2009. I first met Rubina in 2nd grade, my best friend, Reid, moved to Idaho in 2nd grade, and Mr. Grantz was my teacher.

In 2010 the 2nd to 4th graders favorite book was The Witches. They saw the play Nate the Great, they said it wasn't so good. Their favorite subjects are math and reading.

This article will be part of Hillwood's yearbook.

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