Friday, April 30, 2010

Lidia and the Lodge, But What about Zach???

Muir Woods

Every year we go to the cabin in Muir Woods for the anniversary. This year, it was the 61st anniversary. When your in 4th grade and up you go to the cabin for a sleepover. There you can go on a hike through Muir Woods. One year, I kissed a banana slug. At this years anniversary, I sang a song with Rubina called Hillwoods Picnic:
If you go down to Hillwood today
Your sure of a great surprise
It's lovely down in Hillwood today
And better to go there now
For every kid that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today's the day the Hillwood kids
have their picnic.
Lidia is our Spanish teacher. Last year, Ms. Lordes was our teacher. Both of them have taught me so many that I didn't know even if it's not Spanish But information on Spain. In class we are learning grammar and about Spain.
I'm not talking about Zach the boy, but the dog. I've known Zack for 6 years. Zack is turning 14 in June. Zack is one of the sweetest dogs I know. Zack has hernia in his right leg.


The picture in the top right camera is our class at City Hall Mrs. Woods took this picture. In the other pictures you see Kasama, on the bottom left, Natasha and Kellyanne, in the middle, Lance, on the bottom right, and Rubina, on the top left, pictures mainly taken by me.

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