Friday, April 30, 2010

Yearbook Experiment Part I

Explain the upper-graders' stock pick.
Every year at Hillwood in May, the seventh and eighth grades will participate in a Stock Pick Contest. Fifth and sixth graders can volunteer for the race. Each student has a (fake) starting price of $10,000 and should pick at least four companies to buy. Each day at 2 pm, students go to and find the ending prices of the day. The person who has the most successful group of companies at the end of May gets a prize of $100. The biggest loser gets $5.

Create a list of the top books you read in class.
The books we read in class this year include...
- The Outsiders
- Romeo and Juliet
- The Pigman
- Of Mice and Men
- The Pearl
- Lord of the Flies
- Excerpts of The Odyssey
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- Holes
- Short stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Guy de Maupasant, W.W. Jacobs, Washington Irving, and Mark Twain.

My favorites include...
- The Outsiders
- Romeo and Juliet
- Of Mice and Men

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