Friday, April 30, 2010

Hillwood has affected my life by helping me get better grades than when I was in elementary school, and by doing so, I will be prepared for any high school I go to. They have also helped me to get into a nice small private school that my parents want me to go to but I would rather go Mt. Tam High School in Mill Valley, and the private school is in Sausalito.

My favorite science project that I have done, is, "Form a gas". To do this, you need vinegar, sodium, funnel, a balloon, and a narrow-necked bottle. You are trying to inflate a balloon by putting vinegar and sodium in a bottle put the balloon over it, shake it up, and it will turn into a gas and it will inflate the balloon.

Sports has changed my life by getting me in shape, and toughed me to be a good sport, a team player, and discipline. In my life I have played, basketball, football, and swimming.

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