Friday, March 5, 2010

Steel Saddle Casting for the Bay Bridge

To build the bay bridge you have to have a main cable saddle, right? Well, yes, if you are building a suspension bridge. Bart Ney and his crew flew into Japan to make the main cable saddle at Japan Steel Sorks. The following a video of how this is made:

Saddles are large devices that hold, or "carry," the main suspension cables on the bridge. They are usually made of steel because they must be incredibly strong.

The process of making the main saddle takes about one to two weeks. What people do is use sand to make molten, and they have cranes that pick up one 90 ton and 70 ton containers of molten steel and drop it into a big bowl. The drying process takes about a week and a half. This is a site that you could go on to see other parts of the Bay Bridge that are being built, and

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