Friday, March 5, 2010

How do we know what we know?

See full size image Detectives aren't the only ones who use clues. Scientists need clues to find out about the past history. Just like people have found out that dinosaurs existed, by using clues like fossils and bones. just by having one fossil it id already prove that the creature in the fossil exists. On the site they have a lot of stories of interesting discoveries. When scientists collect evidence, they say that it is the easy part of science investigations. In the past years, advances in genetics have allowed us to solve mysteries that at first seemed impossible to solve. Where did humans originate? When did they start originating? Why can humans only speak? First of all, how do scientists know that animals don'y speak. Second, humans are animals. People can not know if animals speak or not. The repetition of black and white lines on electrophoresis gel hold some of the answers. Electrophoresis is a technique that allows us to record and compare patterns of genetic material found in the PNA of every living thing. The gel that I am talking about is very special. It is spacial because it reveals the genetic make up of a Neanderthal who lived 38,000 years ago.

written by : Rubina H.

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