Friday, March 5, 2010

Animal's Myths: Here's the Truth

There is a myth that ostriches bury their head when they get scare. But the truth is they can't bury their heads because they won't breathe -- and they know not to do that.

Opossums have a myth that they can hang on tree branches. But the truth is they can't swing on tree branches because adult opossums are too heavy and baby opossums can only hang on for a second.

Toads, too, have a myth that if you touch a toad's wart you will get warts. But the truth is toads don't give warts when you touch a toad.

Birds have a myth that if you find a bird on the ground, having fallen from a nest, it will be disturbed. But the truth is some birds have a sense of smell.

Penguins have a myth that when penguins see a plane it will fall backward. But the truth is the penguin will be fine, but if the plane is too close the penguins will leave their nest.

By Brandon

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