Friday, March 19, 2010

My Top Picks

This article is about different kinds of germs on your hand. Researchers in the US have found out there are many different kinds of germs living on our hand. They found out by swabbing on someones key board and match the bacteria of the computer owner.

Even on the most clean person have 150 different kinds of bacteria on our hands. Each person leave different kind of bugs on there daily lives. A team of scientists led by professor Noah Fierer from the University of Colorado in Boulder, US was able to match samples of bacteria in 3 computer keyboard. You can wash your hands, use your your arm when you sneeze, brush your teeth, and take a shower.

By Brandon

I would reduce ,reuse ,and recycle.

When I grow up I will be a video game tester.

My favorite science posts are the The Engineering of Ok Go , Animal Myths Heres the truth , and Pierre's Wetsuit Works.

I like the Golden Gate Bridge because people use their time to make the bridge China town because I can see my grandma , Six Flags because that was the first amusement park I went , and The A and T stadium because that was my first baseball game and it is home of the Giants.

What I like in Hillwood is going to the parks , the field trips , and the field trips.

Hillwood is a good school , they have nice teachers , you can go to the park , the upper class has a computer class , you can play chess , and on Friday after 3:00 you use your electronics.

In 20 years will have cars that can fly , cars that run on solar energy , and have flying shoes.

We can put the lower-grade's picture , they can take pictures , or they can put a story that they wrote.

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