Friday, March 19, 2010

Anya the Swedish Hero

Have you ever been a hero? A Swedish hero? You can be a Swedish hero just by going to this website.

I think I could help the world by planting trees, picking up trash, recycling, helping animals, and walk or ride my bike. I'm going to help animals by cleaning up oil spills, volunteering at animal shelters, and rescuing abused or injured animals. I asked Rubina what she would do to save the world and she said she "would not waste paper." Brandon said he, "would turn off the T.V. when he was done watching." You can also help by doing these tasks and if you have more ideas post a comment below.

They used Flash Player to make the video. Flash Player is a software to view animated videos. In this video, you upload or use the website its one to take a photo of yourself. It is then automatically put into the video -- and you become the world's hero for 60 seconds!

1 comment:

  1. Turn off the lights when I'm not using them and take shorter showers.