Friday, March 5, 2010

A Giant Landfiil in the Water and Tips on How to Help

Did you hear of the giant landfill in the Atlantic? Did you know it is almost the size of Texas? This is barely a landfill but more like an island of garbage. This could kill many animals like seabirds because their necks can get caught in garbage. Fish or mammals may get tangled in it the trash. To help, students went out on boats and cleaned up the trash in the ocean. Every square mile students found 520,000 of trash.

Above, is a picture of the landfill.
You can help by cleaning the beaches or your neighborhood, so animals can't eat the litter. You can also plant trees and plants. You can also put up a sign saying clean up trash. Like in Bridgette and my neighborhood, there is a community sign in a parking lot. The sign even has the Hillwood card on it, showing Rubina and me!

On the right, is a picture filled with dead fish.

Below is a video I made about this story. You can also watch it at

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