Friday, February 26, 2010

The Toodala Ramblers Had a Show Again!

At the Randal Museum there was a show that was with the Toodala Ramblers. Mrs. Schmitt was the main singer, and she is the music teacher at Hillwood School.

The show was great, and the Toodala singers are Faryn, Jay, Oliver, and me, Rubina — all Hillwood students. The performance was for little kids. The band members were Gayle Schmitt on guitar. Ted Silverma on mandolin, Betsy Maudlin on the fiddle, Craig Fletcher on banjo, and Tom Drohan on stand-up bass.

To go to Gayle Schmitt's website click to Gayle's show was very nice. They had a lot of audience that was cheering. Most of the crowd were small children who came with their parents. There were two shows: one of her shows was at one o'clock the other was at three o'clock. One of the band members, the fiddle player, was not able to make it. The fiddle player who couldn't make it is named Liz. She couldn't make it to the show so she was replaced by Betsy.

Written by Rubina

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