Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls Festival — Get Your Dolls Ready

Have you heard of the Girls Festival? If you haven't, parents and girls might want to read this.

The Girls Festival is celebrated March 3. It is also known as Hina Matsuri. This festival is a Japanese tradition. You start this festival by filling your house with dolls. You also pray for health and growth for daughters. You offer the dolls rice crackers and foods.

The tradition was started to ward off evil spirits. This festival began in the Edo period, which is from 1603-1868. The girls make their own dolls and if you don't put them away by March 4 your daughter will have problems getting married.

Did you know there is also a Boys Festival? It is celebrated May 5. It is national, while Hina Matsuri isn't. While celebrating you would fly carp streamers. Carps are fish believed to swim up river and turned into a dragon. You also eat rice cakes that are wrapped in oak leaves and are filled with bean paste also known as kashiwamochi.

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